Husband, Father, Vagabond & Creative

hey there i'm brandon

Growing up, I spent countless hours behind the camera, documenting the incredible work of local non-profit organizations and the inspiring stories of those they served. It was this early exposure to the power of visual storytelling that ignited my creative spark and set me on an unforgettable journey.

born and raised in jacksonville, fl

a little bit of my story

partnering with you to build your real estate legacy

With an artist's eye and a storyteller's soul, I meticulously choreograph each frame, capturing the warmth of sunlit living spaces, the character of architecture, and the promise of new memories waiting to be made. My films are more than just real estate videos – they are cinematic love letters to the spaces that have cradled countless tales over the years. For me, this is more than just a career; it's a calling, a chance to share the stories that dwell within the walls of every home and to inspire others to envision themselves as the next authors in those ever-unfolding narratives.

It's so much more than just a video

Take a look at my featured films, where the art of storytelling comes alive through carefully curated settings that breathe life into each unique property. 


If you’re looking for a creative tour de force, Look no further than Brandon. He is a creative storyteller and movie maker in his passion in energy is entirely contagious. I’m so glad to be working with him and look forward to what we will create in the future together!!


"His passion and energy is entirely contagious."

I had never worked with a videographer before hiring Brandon for my brand shoot. I was very nervous about looking and sounding great on camera and he was able to help me feel comfortable and confident. He was truly a remarkable resource for me from planning cues to delivering a five star brand video for my business.


"Brandon exceeded every single expectation."

Thank you for the amazing video for my Atlantic Beach listing!



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